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The Virgin Bachelor

Does society hold a double standard towards men in regards to abstinence? what does it actually say about a man when he is still a virgin into his late 20s? let’s get into it!

You Down With O.P.P.?

From Other People’s Problems to other people’s errrr…….privates with cover a wide swath in this one. Are you responsible for edifying your significant other. Do sex and dating mix? Let’s find out

Failure to Launch

Get out of High School, Get a job, Get Married, Get a family. This formula no longer seems to be working in today’s society. In this episode we discuss how people are coping (or not coping) in a changing society and what you can do to combat it.

Myers Briggs

It used to be “Hey Whats your sign?” a better question might be, “Hey What’s your Myers Briggs?” Today we breach the subject of compatibility. Specifically one tool that we used that may have saved our marriage.

What We Learned By Watching the Bachelor

Is there anything to learn from watching trash TV like the Bachelor? Lets find out

What We Learned By Playing Mystery Date

Is the Mystery Date board game outdated hogwash from a bygone era? or does it still ring true today? Lets find out

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