The Virgin Bachelor

Yes, men can control their sex drive

Contrary to what you have been told by whatever hashtags you happen to follow, men are not always snarling animals

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You Down With O.P.P.?


Yes I know it was click-bait but seriously, are we supposed to act as counselors to our significant others? How does one know when they

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Failure to Launch

The world needs you!

That is the message we should be giving to the younger generation coming into the work force.  Their 20 something year old optimism, “can

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Myers Briggs

What’s Your sign?

I see movies depicting the 70’s where people went around asking this to each other before they got together.  I guess in a way it’s … Read the rest

What We Learned By Watching the Bachelor

Recently I got into a heated debate with a close friend of mine over one of Mrs Lovett’s and my biggest guilty pleasures.  We Absolutely love watching The Read the rest

What We Learned By Playing Mystery Date

In this our first podcast we tackle one of the most important board games of all time! That’s right, Mr and Mrs Lovett Play “Mystery Date” and discuss … Read the rest

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