Failure to Launch

The world needs you!

That is the message we should be giving to the younger generation coming into the work force.  Their 20 something year old optimism, “can do” attitude, willingness to risk and strong backs are what western civilization was built on.  I often think about men charging into battle or those pictures of men eating their lunches while building high rises and think, “what the hell happened to us.” This topic is massive and it definitely cannot be tackled in a one hour podcast but I think we can light a spark and get people off their butts (and video games) and out into the world.

In their great Podcast The Art of Manliness talks about why 7 million men are missing from the workforce and why it is a huge problem for our society.  I have my own theories, at least as an armchair expert as to why the phenomenon exists.  My own experience has taught me that men specifically often feel that the world just doesn’t have a place for them so it’s easier to thrive in a simulated society where their needs can be met in a lesser way.  Immersive video games can fulfill their desire to do something that matters and to thrive in a world where the rules are easier to understand and, well, porn can do the rest.

For young women I think that there are different pressures keeping them from living out their best lives.  Pressures to have a career, have a husband, have kids, stay beautiful and do it all with a smile on your face can be overwhelming.  And with the shortage of eligible bachelors out there (see above) most women are left with two equally daunting choices; stay home with mom and dad while I build a career for myself or settle for some loser guy.

In this episode we tackle what life is really like and how it is not the way that it appears on social media.  But how rolling up our  sleeves, getting in there and grinding we can mold for ourselves a life way more fulfilling than raiding the Dungeon of Zul’Gurub

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