Myers Briggs

What’s Your sign?

I see movies depicting the 70’s where people went around asking this to each other before they got together.  I guess in a way it’s nice to know that even in the free-sex disco age of the 70’s people where still making some kind of half-assed attempt at determining their compatibility.  Today it seems that things are different.  Sex and hookups seem to be seen as little more than another bodily function like going to the bathroom.  As if seeing someone you are attracted to is enough to determine their compatibility.

Here’s the thing- there are plenty of attractive people out there.  Just because they look good, doesn’t mean they are good for you.  In this episode we talk about how knowing your Myers Briggs and that of a potential partner can give you some important insights into what your future with someone might look like. Is it Witchcraft? is it Science?  There are those on both sides of the debate.  For Mr and Mrs Lovett however, it allowed us to stop trying to change the other and to accept that some things may just be inert.  Believe in it or not this small insight gave us the power to push our marriage forward and survive that first horrid year.  So it would seem that the proof is in the pudding and we would encourage you to check it out for yourself.  If only to have some kind of objective tool for determining compatibility aside from what’s going on in your pants 🙂

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