The Virgin Bachelor

Yes, men can control their sex drive

Contrary to what you have been told by whatever hashtags you happen to follow, men are not always snarling animals with an insatiable sex drive looking to plow whatever women they come across.  Indeed there is still a shrinking minority of men out there who cling to the last bastions of chivalry.  You would think that those men who can wade through the fire and the flames of the porn and sex driven marketing that our society is constantly hurling at people to hold onto their chastity would be praised by the women they come into contact with.  Sadly it would seem that this is not the case.  Take this season’s bachelor Colton.  A man who somehow navigated the gauntlet of his hormone driven early 20s with his virginity intact only to be the butt of subtle and not so subtle jabs thrown at him by those involved in the show. 

In this episode we get into our feelings on this topic and talk about what it means for a man to remain a virgin as well as our general obsession with the bachelor tv show. Does society hold a double standard towards men in regards to abstinence? what does it actually say about a man when he is still a virgin into his late 20s?  let’s get into it!

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