What We Learned By Playing Mystery Date

In this our first podcast we tackle one of the most important board games of all time! That’s right, Mr and Mrs Lovett Play “Mystery Date” and discuss the surprising window into the past that this game provides.

We all know that times have changed and it is sad to think that we may have thrown out the baby with the bath-water so to speak when it comes to our dating rituals.  Movies, social media and smart phones with hookup apps seem to have taught us that dating is just a means to an end and that the true goal in all of this is to get to the end of the night so the hookup can happen.  I am not that old (late 30s) but it turns out that I am on the wrong end of a widening generation gap that shows deep differences in our valuing of sex and relationships.  It would seem that the fallacy of consequence free hookups has simply run amok in our society and those engaged in it should at least understand the consequences of their choices. Don’t get me wrong, you can live your life however you want to but If your ultimate goal is to have a lasting relationship with a quality partner and bring kids into the world it turns out the best way is still the old way; getting dressed up nice, planning a nice date, staying sober and going home at the end of the night without having sex.  Mystery date, as it turns out, embodies this ideal and we dive into it in this inaugural episode.

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