What We Learned By Watching the Bachelor

Recently I got into a heated debate with a close friend of mine over one of Mrs Lovett’s and my biggest guilty pleasures.  We Absolutely love watching The Bachelor.  My friend said that it was exploitation and he may be right.  There is something to be said about the voyeuristic nature of people and the thrill we get from seeing into the lives of others.  I choose to embrace this darker aspect of my personality and justify it by telling myself that they willingly participate in the show.  I may be a jerk for taking that stance since this is the same justification that men use for going into strip clubs but I digress.

The Bachelor is a fascinating look at what dating and relationships look like from Meeting, to breakup or proposal all packed into an extremely short period of time.  So for two people who are interested in relationships and how they function it is just too good to pass up.  Check out our take on it in this our second episode.

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